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Cycle Parking & Cycle Parking Design
Cycle Parking & Cycle Parking Design
Uutiset 2 joulu 2004

Falco has been designing cycle parking systems and street furniture for over 50 years and can help clients at any level in the design process. Our expertise has enabled us to develop solutions for a wide range of cycle parking issues as cycling and cycle parking progresses. Falco’s cycle parking range has been developed to offer our customers, whether in the public or private sector, a cycle parking product that simply accommodates bicycles to the very highest of specifications.

Cycle Parking AutoCAD Design
Falco is able provide full AutoCAD schematics and drawings of your cycle parking scheme – free of charge! Our design team have many years of cycle parking design experience and are able to provide a full design service.

Cycle Parking Optimisation
Using our design expertise coupled with the Falco range of cycle parking products we can optimise the number of cycles which can be achieved in any one space. Whether an open site or basement cycle park, Falco can maximise the number of cycles for the given space.

High Density Compact Cycle Parking
The requirement for two tier cycle parking systems is increasing as railway stations, shopping centres and schools continue to seek mass-compact cycle parking facilities from the traditional space consuming cycle stands. In terms of high density cycle parking, Falco can advise on compact two tier cycle parking systems such as the FalcoLevel. Falco also specialises in a wide range of compact cycle parking solutions, designed to offer maximum accommodation for bikes, in locations where space is at a premium.

The FalcoLevel cycle parking unit is Falco’s most popular compact cycle parking solution and is very innovative and user friendly. The cycle parking station can accommodate all types of bicycles which can be secured to the cycle rack using a simple chain or cable lock for additional security. Once placed into the cycle parking unit the bicycle is then well supported by the front frame and the back wheel slots into a gutter to stabilise the bike to keep it firmly in place.

Secure Cycle Parking
As well as cycle parking stands, Falco also offers a wide range of secure cycle stores. From basic cycle shelters and canopies to comprehensive cycle compounds and stores, Falco can advise and then design a secure cycle parking facility to suit your requirements. Additionally Falco has a range of FalcoSafe cycle lockers, which provide maximum cycle parking security for individual bikes.

Public and Private Cycle Parking
Falco’s range of cycle parking products is suitable for both public and private sites. Where security is and issue in public cycle parking areas, then Falco cycle stands offer multiple locking points. In a private environment, with key management, Falco’s cycle parking range maximises the ease off access for the cyclist.

Cycle Parking Standards and recommendations
BREEAM cycle parking - order to become BREEAM approved, certain design criteria must be met for all buildings and constructions. In the case of Tra 3 Cyclist Facilities, Falco cycle parking products enable specifiers, designers and developers to meet the necessary standards for BREEAM approval/certification.

Falco cycle parking systems cover the whole spectrum of BREEAM requirements in the area of ‘Compliant cycle storage space’. Falco cycle shelters are available in a wide number of designs and dimensions to meet all cycle parking requirements and there is a wide range of design-led cycle stands from our cycle parking collection to enhance security.

Types Cycle Parking Cycle Support
Our cycle parking range consists of many products that can accommodate cycles in multiple ways; from securing the back wheel, front wheel, cycle framework, saddle bar and even the cycle handle bars. We also provide additional mechanisms where users must insert a £1 coin in order to use the cycle parking facility - ideal for public locations! The diversity from our cycle parking range ensures a product to meet all requirements, from the various locking procedures, designs, dimensions and wide variety of colours – the possibilities are endless! Our complete range of cycle parking is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 throughout and can be subsequently powder coated in any of the 192 RAL colours.

Falco – Cycle Parking is our Business!
With many years experience Falco can offer advice on all aspects of cycle parking. Whatever your cycle parking requirements Falco will be able to add value to your scheme and help solve cycle parking problems. If you have any more queries or require any specific product advice on our cycle parking solutions, don’t hesitate to contact our technical sales team on (01538) 380080.

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