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Pöytä ja istuin setit

Falco Picnic Tables
Falco’s picnic table collection provides a robust seating and eating facility for all public and private locations. The range covers all aspects of picnic tables including: complete fixed picnic sets, free standing picnic sets and picnic tables alone, available in a range of materials including: hardwood, galvanised steel, varnished hardwood and solid Douglas Red Fir.

FalcoBloc Picnic Table
The FalcoBloc is one of Falco’s most popular picnic table sets and is manufactured from hardwood and hot dip galvanised steel to give it a real robust specification. The picnic table is ideally situated in public locations due to its solid construction that makes it easily capable of withstanding high use and constant demand.

FalcoLinea Picnic Table
The FalcoLinea picnic table is a new addition to the FalcoLinea range of street furniture and reflects the great design lines and aesthetical looks from its family of co-ordinated products. With its aesthetical design, hardwood slats and robust galvanised steel frame creates a substantial picnic table to meet all applications.

FalcoRubo & FalcoPerfo Picnic Table
The FalcoRubo and FalcoPerfo create great picnic tables for schools, nurseries and collages due to its funky design and solid galvanised steel construction. The FalcoRubo picnic table design is a simple sweeping curve coupled with routed wooden table slats housed into the framework which makes the picnic table a beautiful modern asset to any location. The FalcoPerfo is a very traditional Falco design and a stalwart of the Falco collection. Robust and utilitarian with a high resistance to vandalism, the FalcoPerfo series fits into all locations.

Picnic Table Support
For more information about any of Falco’s picnic tables, please call our helpful sales team 0358 10 219 0716 or e-mail


Falco was established on 15 September 1951. The founder, F. Friesacher, the grandfather of the present owner, began by manufacturing "transport equipment", such as wheelbaroows for stone and concrete, and gravel and tar carts. In the middle of the 50's bicycle racks and sheds were added and the business then followed an…

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