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Rivi pyörätelineet

Falco Cycle Racks
With over 65 years experience in the cycle parking and cycle rack industry, our knowledge and expertise has been integrated into the design and development of our cycle rack collection. Our experience has enabled us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of cycle racks which work in any cycle parking situation and offer the secure accommodation that cyclists expect.

Cycle Racks – Endless Collection
Falco’s extensive collection of high quality cycle racks provide a secure cycle parking location to suit all environments. All of our cycle racks boast maximum locking points by accommodating different parts of the bicycle, from the front or back wheel, saddle bar, bike centre and even the bike handle bars can be fastened to the cycle rack. The wide range of different cycle rack specifications enable a Falco cycle rack to meet all varieties of bicycles, whether required in a public or tourist location, park or school. Using a simple cable or chain lock ensures that our cycle racks are easy to use, particularly useful for public locations where bike specifications and user ages will vary.

Cycle racks can be positioned in a single row or arranged double sided to increase capacity. Falco also has a two tier or double height cycle rack for maximum space usage housing up to 4 times the number of cycle spaces compared to an ordinary cycle rack.

Cycle Racks – Robust Specification
Falco’s complete cycle rack collection is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 meaning resistance to rust and usage demands. They can be subsequently powder coated in any of the 192 RAL colours to enhance durability and to match a corporate colour. Falco also able to provide site surveys, AutoCAD schematics and drawings of your cycle rack scheme – completely free of charge!

For more information about our cycle racks or our complete cycle parking products and services, please call our helpful sales team 0358 10 219 0716 or e-mail


Falco was established on 15 September 1951. The founder, F. Friesacher, the grandfather of the present owner, began by manufacturing "transport equipment", such as wheelbaroows for stone and concrete, and gravel and tar carts. In the middle of the 50's bicycle racks and sheds were added and the business then followed an…

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