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Tilan säästäjät

High Density Cycle Parking
The FalcoLevel Premium+ two tier cycle parking rack provides the accommodation for twice as many cycles compared to any traditional cycle rack or stand. Increasingly being used at stations, shopping centres and airports, the FalcoLevel Premium+ allows the accommodation for a maximum amount of cycles to locate in any restricted space.

For more information about any of Falco’s compact cycle parking range please call our helpful sales team 0358 10 219 0716 or e-mail


Falco was established on 15 September 1951. The founder, F. Friesacher, the grandfather of the present owner, began by manufacturing "transport equipment", such as wheelbaroows for stone and concrete, and gravel and tar carts. In the middle of the 50's bicycle racks and sheds were added and the business then followed an…

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