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FalcoLinea tuolit ja istuimet (kovapuu)

Koti Tuotteet Katu- ja puistokalusteet Tuolit ja istuimet FalcoLinea tuolit ja istuimet (kovapuu)

The FalcoLinea chair has all the attributes of the bench, but enables optimal flexibility in the use of the range. All parts are beautifully rounded to maintain great ergonomic, and yet the range has a high degree of vandal resistance.

Advantages of the FalcoLinea

Within the FalcoLinea series we have strived to offer the optimal flexibility in the execution of the design. The series makes a difference by means of outstanding new design.
The solid connections and sound materials make it near to impossible for vandals to do great damage to these products. The FalcoLinea series are due to cunning design placeable in every public space and also suitable to be placed indoors. There is a matter of a complete fitting series that look good together.


Groundplate is placeable on or under the surface. Because of this the series can also be bolted onto a indoors concrete floor. During the whole proces of designing and detailling the ergonomics have constantly been regarded. The wooden parts on the FalcoLinea have all been beautifully rounded through which the sitting comfort increases even more. By making use of durable materials the lifespan is extremely high. Guaranteed high Falco quality. 


Measurements FalcoLinea chair

  • 861 mm. hight
  • 470 mm. sittinghight
  • 546 mm. widt
  • 666 mm. depth

The FalcoLinea range is available with or without an armrest.

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